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About Agriculture

Key challenges in agriculture - driving forces and their impact on food production and crop protection activities
If this was the Earth  509 mio km2..... 

...this would be the land available for agriculture !

15 mio km2  or about 3% of total planet surface

Natural resources

Climatic conditions, water management,environmental concern, public awareness, the GREEN expectation. YIELD improvement is the key or how to produce more with less resources. Performance, sustainability and Convenience for the end users

Land scarcity

In 1960, two people fed per hectare, in 2005 over four people fed per hectare. In 2030, over five people to be fed per hectare...

World population growth

From 2.5 billions in 1950 up to 6.5 billions in 2005 and over 8 billions projected for 2030 horizon. More and more urban population with increased income and increased demand for food, energy and technologies - Food versus Fuel challenge

Agrochemical Products and Services Switzerland

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