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Adjuvants - Biostimulants - Micronutrients

Adjuvants - tank mix (TMA) and in-can (formulated)


Whether you are looking for activator or utility adjuvants, we have a solution for you :


  • TMA for sulfonylurea and as a microemulsion made of biodegradable raw materials mainly

  • Activator adjuvants for herbicides and fungicides

  • Tank mix compatibilizers for multiple components spray solutions

  • Anti-drift adjuvants

  • Anti-shattering adjuvants to prevent from seed loss


Biostimulants and Micronutrients - ''All-in-One'' solution


  • The Objective : One spray = Two goals  = Crop Nutrition and Crop protection

  • Micronutrients suspended, as suspension concentrate, in a biostimulant extract

  • Solutions for cereals (proteins), vegetables and grapewines (photosynthesis), and for orchards, fruits and some vegetables (fruit developments)

  • EC Fertilizer registration - Limited Hazard Statements (GHS)




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