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Dispersants - Wetters

We can offer dispersing and wetting agents - from low to high MW and from low to high inorganic salt content - liquid, powder and paste


Dispersants :


  • Sodium methyl naphthalene sulphonate condensate - powder

  • Blend of sodium alkyl naphtalene sulfonate condensate - powder

  • Sodium, calcium, ammonium naphthalene sulphonate condensate - powder and liquid

  • Sodium naphthol sulphonate condensate and phenyl derivative condensate - powder

  • Sodium naphthalene sulphonate condensate - high MW - powder


Wetting agents :


  • Sodium di-isopropyl naphthalene sulphonate

  • Blend of sodium di-isopropyl naphthalene sulphonate

  • Sodium di-isobutyl naphthalene sulphonate

  • Blend of sodium alkyl-naphthalene sulphonate



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