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Due to increasing environmental concerns, economical considerations and regulatory constraints, agro industry is facing drastic challenges to address increasing demand in food production. Innovative solutions and improved existing technologies are supporting identified global trends in the industry. Multiple active ingredient formulations, higher concentration SCs, SEs and WDGs, mixtures with biopesticides, reformulation as solvent-free formulations, ODs, Microemulsions, Seed Treatment technologies, and Adjuvancy systems are solutions to conventional formulations becoming less and less effective.  Our 17 years of experience in this industry will surely be valuable to you
Liquid formulations

Suspension Concentrates, Suspo Emulsions, Oil based Suspensions, Microemulsions,... Over 40% increase of new formulations registered since 2000. To find the right mix of active ingredients with various surfactant chemistries to address stability, flocculation and sedimentation challenges with the finished formulations. 45% of CPP market in 2012

Built-in and tank mix adjuvants
Dry formulations

Close to 70% increase of new formulations registered as WDG since 2000. Replacement for WP and, when possible, for liquid formulations. Various chemistries available as dispersants and wetters, e.g. Naphthalene Sulfonate Condensates, Block Copolymers, Acrylate Polymers,...

Water hardness and application conditions as a selection criteria, among other parameters

''Adjuvant - an ingredient added to a mixture to aid or modify the action of an agrochemical, or to alter the physical characteristics of the mixture '' - ASTM Committee E35.

The global agriculture adjuvant market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% to reach close to USD 3 billions by 2018.

When bioefficacy enhancement, spray drift control, deposition and retention, water management and energy cost reduction are your targets, we can help you in the selection and promotion of the right adjuvant solution.

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